WATCH: CalTrans is Blowing Up Giant Boulders to Open Up the Roadway to Yosemite

With very little snow over the past few months in the Sierra, CalTrans was able to complete the snow plowing process on State Route 120 heading into Yosemite National Park earlier than usual. The roadway is already clear of snow, but there’s one more obstacle in the way of opening entrance to the park – giant boulders.

These boulders, which fall on the closed roadway during winter storms, are much too big to move intact. That’s why the lucky people at CalTrans move into the area with explosives and get the fun job of blowing them up. A video of their efforts were recently posted to social media (above) and they are a blast (pun intended) to watch!

These efforts will allow visitors to enter Yosemite’s east gate much earlier than usual. Although there are some light snowstorms in the region this week, all signs point to hiking season beginning very early this year. Last year, Tioga Road opened on May 27, and the earliest it has opened in the past decade was May 2, 2014.

Get ready for an awesome spring season in Yosemite, and enjoy some explosive video in the meantime.

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