Watch Deer Viciously Brawl on a Front Porch in Northern California

If you came home to find the front porch of your home a giant mess, you would assume your house had been ransacked. That’s exactly what happened to a Marin County homeowner, as they posted a video on Reddit not of a burglar, but of two angry deer.

The homeowner’s post on Reddit showed porch full of Halloween decorations and fall colors when to deers, locked horns and all, enter stage right and battle it out right in front of the house. Although it was a relief that no humans had messed up their porch, but it was certainly shocking. And the fight didn’t stop there.

“They then went next door and bent in an iron rod fence,” u_SwimmingAnxiety wrote on Reddit. “One of them got pinned in a corner against the fence and the other just kept smashing his antlers into him.”

The video is a stark reminder that our homes are among the animals, and even though they can make a mess every once in a while, they are still our neighbors.

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