Watch: Injured Hiker Airlifted Out of Potem Falls

After a hiker was recently injured during the short hike to Potem Falls, it would have taken over an hour for a rescue crew to extract them from the area for medical care. Enter the California Highway Patrol – Northern Division Air Operations, who took to the sky in their H-16 to airlift the hiker to a nearby hospital.

This type of rescue isn’t uncommon and shows the importance of the CHP air operations, especially for injured outdoor adventurers. Here is what the CHP said about the rescue:

Recently, Cal Fire Shasta Unit requested H-16’s assistance for a hoist rescue at Potem Falls in Eastern Shasta County. A male subject had sustained a back injury at the falls. Due to the terrain, it would have taken nearly an hour to extricate the patient and a hoist rescue expidited the patient getting to medical care. H-16 lowered a Flight Officer to the scene to package the patient for hoisting. Once ready, H-16 returned and hoisted the patient to the helicopter. The patient was transferred to an awaiting ambulance on Fenders Ferry Rd. The video is footage from the Flight Officer/hoist operator’s perspective.

The video (above) shows the quick airlift of the injured hiker right at the base of Potem Falls. Thanks again to CHP for another successful airlift rescue!

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