Watch: Kayaker Launches Off Hatchet Creek Falls

Hatchet Creek or Lion Slide Falls in Montgomery Creek leads a bit of a double life. People flock to the Falls in summer to flee scorching North Valley heat. Many visit simply to relax, cool off and enjoy their surroundings. Last time I visited, someone was playing Jimmy Buffett from an 80s style boombox. Some days, it seems there’s a lazy energy present at the Falls.

For others, the cascade and the pool below appear to pulsate with anxiety and adrenaline. Cliff jumpers prepare to take death defying leaps from cliffs framing the feature. They hesitate, lurching slowly back and forth, until with one burst of energy, they finally succumb to the will of the gawkers below. The loud splash is reassuring.

The video below captures one of Hatchet Creek Falls more frenetic moments. A kayaker takes the plunge:

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