WATCH: Mountain Biker Collides with Bear on Northern California Trail

Mountain biker David Sousa was having a great time riding down the Mills Peak trail in Plumas County when he encountered an unexpected obstacle. While racing down the rocky trail a bear darted right in front of his bike forcing him to slam into the animal. That’s not the way you want to crash on a bike.

“I didn’t have any time to react,” Souza said to CBS13. “He just swooped my front tire out from underneath me and I got the wind knocked out of me pretty good and a few scrapes, but nothing else.”

At first, Souza believed the animal was his trail dog, but quickly realized he was about to hit a much larger animal. Luckily for him, the bear ran off into the woods after the collision. Watch the video above to see the encounter.

Be careful of ALL the elements while on your bike!

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