WATCH: Passing Jogger Saves 4 Pets from a Burning Home in Scotts Valley

Here’s your daily dose of people doing good things in the world, with this brave and selfless act coming out of Scotts Valley in the form of a passing jogger saving animals from a burning home.

Paul Murphy was jogging past a home when he noticed smoke coming out of the top. He approached the front door and pressed the Ring camera doorbell, which connected him to the homeowner, who was not at home. He alerted the homeowner of the fire in their house she pleaded he help her animals inside. He was able to enter and save 2 dogs, 1 cat and a rabbit.

The exchange between Murphy and the homeowner was caught on the Ring camera:

Not only was it brave for the man to approach the burning home, it was also a celebration of technology that the homeowner was able to open it while not on the premises. Without the Ring doorbell, the jogger wouldn’t have known the pets were inside and the homeowner wouldn’t have been able to open the door for him.

An uplifting story for everyone. Greta work Paul Murphy!

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