Watch the Construction of Mt. Shasta Ski Park’s Gray Butte Lift from Beginning to End

This year, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park unveiled its brand-new chair lift that took the ski resort to new heights. The fixed quad lift opened 88 acres of new skiable terrain, added five new runs, increased the resort’s elevation to 7,500 feet and created a 3-mile long run from top to bottom.

Although it was in the minds of locals and ski park workers for decades, the lift was built over somewhat short amount of time. A YouTube video now shows the complete process of the build and the massive collective of workers and supplies to bring the new addition to the mountain.

Check it out:

The Gray Butte Lift has opened to the public, but it’s not without its downfalls. The lift can be difficult to locate on the backside of the Coyote Lift, and getting back to the main ski area usually takes a little bit of a hike. While management looks at ways to solve these issues, skiers have been enjoying the new terrain on the local-favorite mountain.

Here’s to many years of skiing the terrain of Gray Butte! And thanks to all the workers who made it possible.

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