Waves as Big as 24 Feet Coming to Northern California Beaches

The first storm of the winter season is descending on Northern California, forecast to bring snow to the mountains and rain everywhere else. While any precipitation is a welcomed sight for the area, it once again brings with it the usual dangers of Mother Nature. This storm, in particular, will bring high surf to NorCal beaches.

The National Weather Service issued a High Surf Advisory for Friday afternoon through Saturday morning, with waves predicted to swell up to 18 to 24 feet. The shorelines across NorCal beaches will be up to 23 feet higher than usual, with NWS officials asking the public to practice extra caution in the surf zone.

With high winds along the coast and the shallow summer beach profile, the waves are expected to break higher on the beach than usual. This could create sneaker waves that are particularly dangerous along the North Coast. With unusually strong winds blowing out to sea, it’s recommended to stay far away from dangerous coastline.

Sneaker waves can be dangerous along the NorCal coast, with numerous viral videos showing unexpected sneaker waves sweeping people out to sea:

Use caution around the ocean this week!

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