We’re Not Finished Yet! Up to 4 More Feet of Snow Forecast for NorCal Mountains Through Thursday

It’s been one heck of a snowy week in the Northern California mountains, with the highest-elevation areas receiving more than 100 inches of snow between Saturday and Tuesday. As the cloud parted and we enjoyed a small glimpse of blue sky on Tuesday afternoon, another storm is making its way into the region with the possibility of 4 more feet of snow through Thursday.

It’s certainly not as big as the whopper we just experienced, but don’t sleep on the incoming storm. The National Weather Service released its updated forecast and 2 more feet of snow are expected for the Sierra and Mount Shasta, while Lassen could see another 4 feet:

This storm is another cold one, bringing snow as low as 1,000 feet elevation. That could mean a rare snow day for people living in the foothills and more dangerous driving conditions in the mountains. In fact, the NWS issued a Winter Storm Warning through Thursday morning with major travel delays and near white out conditions:

Phew! Alright, so the snow will fall heavily and the heavens will open up to sunny days and a white Christmas? Not so fast. The end of December is shaping up to be one of the wettest months NorCal has seen in a long time. The 10-day weather forecast shows snow moving into the region on December 20 and, well, not stopping:

Tahoe 10-day weather forecast

This is exactly what we need. With the past few years experiencing extreme drought in California, these types of storms are what we like to call drought busters. There is still a lot more precipitation needed to bring us out of drought and relieve some minds when it comes to fire season, we are certainly on our way to a wet winter. Yeehaw!

Time to experience more days like this:

Active NorCal

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