Winter Cliff Jumping at McCloud Falls Featured on the Travel Channel

Welcome to your monthly check-in with the Coulter Productions crew, who continue to amaze us with their death-defying stunts around Northern California.

Last winter we shared with you one of the coolest videos of the year – a group of guys cliff-jumping off Middle McCloud Falls during one of the heaviest flows we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the video:

Well it turns out that very trip was documented by the Travel Channel, who then created an awesome piece about the trip and McCloud region. Check out the 4-minute clip:

Not only are we excited to see our beloved McCloud Falls featured on the Travel Channel, but we are so stoked that these boys are getting their due. They document their adventures year-round and create awesome content for the internet and social media. 

They even filmed a documentary on the life of a professional cliff jumper. You can watch it here.

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