Winter in September? Mt. Shasta Ski Park Got Slammed with Snowfall this Weekend

Sitting at just 6,880 feet elevation, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park sometimes has trouble receiving the same amount of snowfall as its Tahoe counterparts. But this recent late-September storm brought a bunch of snow to the ski park, giving pass holders dreams of a robust winter like last season.

Anyone who looks up at the mountain can see a nice covering of snow that wasn’t there just a few weeks ago, but if you look at the ski park’s webcam’s, there’s a bunch of snow on the mountain (photos as of 8 am on September 30th):

There’s also some snow at Snowman’s Hill on the road below:

Now it’s unclear exactly how much snow the ski park received but it’s fun to imagine a skiers paradise in September. We know it’s still a couple months from the opening of the park, but could this be a sign of the winter to come?

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