Yaks on the 5 – Delicious Burgers at a Top 100 Restaurant in America

We visited Dunsmuir’s favorite local eater Yaks on the 5 to find out why they were named a “Top 100 Restaurant” in the country by Yelp. Originally opened as a coffee bean roasting company in Redding, Yaks quickly grew and is now a staple in the Dunsmuir community.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in to Yaks in the wonderful smell of freshly baked pastries. You’ll also notice the unique decor and huge coffee roaster in the corner of the restaurant originally used at their first location in Redding.

When you take a look at the menu you’ll notice an entire page dedicated to all of the scratch made items they offer on the menu. I was told “the only things they don’t make in house from scratch are the tater tots and the table mustard.”

We started off our meal with a freshly baked apple sticky bun which was a gift from the Chef (a very nice gift at that) and was easily the tastiest sticky bun I’d ever tried. Definitely a must get when visiting. Our first dish was the “Scott’s Tots” which is a reference to an episode of “The Office” where Michael Scott had to gently let down a high school class that he couldn’t afford to pay for their college tuition (a promise he’d made 10 years prior). A classic Office reference:

The Office “Scott’s Tots”

These tots were hot, cheesy, crispy, and everything else a tot lover dream of (including bacon).

The next thing we tried was the Uncle Bob’s Barbalicious BBQ Burger. This burger has a secret: If you say “Uncle Bob’s Barbalicious BBQ Burger” three times to your waitress, you get extra fries! The taste of this burger includes the sweetness from the BBQ sauce, the meatiness of the grass-fed beef, and the crunch of the bacon and lettuce. A really delicious burger. And the garlic fries are like a cherry on top!

The final item we tried is the Jalapeno Bacon Burger which is the most popular item on the menu. This HUGE burger will satisfy any jalapeno lover’s cravings. This burger tastes smoky from the grill, has a little heat from the jalapeno, and a crunch from the onions and lettuce. This burger pairs perfectly with their house made fries and wide selection of homemade dipping sauces.

Overall, we can see why Yaks was rated a Top 100 Restaurant by Yelp. Next time you’re in the Dunsmuir area and are looking to satisfy your hunger, pay Yaks a visit. 

Yaks on the 5

4917 Dunsmuir Ave. Dunsmuir, CA 96025


Photo by Yelp user Christopher J.
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  1. After visiting this Restaraunt, I stayed only 5 mins in line and left.
    None of the cooks were wearing masks. None of the the customers were wearing masks. No one was outside working the door to enforce a maximum capacity for the dine in /pickup or respecting a 6 foot social distancing policy. This is a Restaraunt that is off the of 5. Numerous travelers from all over the western states visit tourist towns like Mt.Shasta for the winter, yet this is somehow a top 100 Restaraunt who can’t even get their priorities straight during a worldwide epidemic. I instantly reconsidered eating there due to the risk being too high for public health and safety, I’m sure the food is amazing, but how can i trust eating food from a restaraunt like this if they cant even follow the basic steps. If they are that careless, i then question how sanitary the kitchen is and product being served.

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