Go Off-The-Grid in this Remote Treehouse in the Northern California Wilderness

Photo: AirBnB

Some people prefer the luxuries of glamping compared to roughing it in the wilderness. If that’s the case, staying in this remote Northern California treehouse isn’t for you.

Located deep in the heart of the Six Rivers National Forest is an off-the-grid ecovillage that offers stays in its treehouse, complete with, well, not a whole lot. It doesn’t have electricity, and heating system or wifi, but it can give you the ultimate experience of the beautiful NorCal wilderness.

Outdoor kitchen. Photo: AirBnB

As part of the Maitreya Mountain Village, rental of the treehouse on AirBnB will allow you to access the outdoor kitchen, composting toilets and sauna/bathouse, but that’s about it. The “village” does have a few other cabins, chickens, dogs, frogs, cats, permaculture gardens and all kinds of cool, sustainable projects.

Most importantly, the treehouse includes lots of opportunities to experience the NorCal wilderness. There are plenty trails to hike, a swimming hole and garden benches and porch swings to enjoy the view of the Smith River canyon. Although the treehouse is a tight fit, it does include two beds and plenty of bedding.

Photo: AirBnB

“Great place, waaaaay off the grid,” wroteSarah on AirBnB. “Keep Your expectations super low, it was like camping but with slightly better amenities. It was colder in the treehouse than outside (fair warning to those staying in the winter). We loved the stillness and quiet, along with the goats, dogs, and the main kitchen area.”

Garden and greenhouse. Photo: AirBnB

The person who rents out the treehouse, notes that it isn’t for everyone:

Plenty of people have very relaxing, enjoyable satisfying experiences here in our sustainable culture experiment, but this happens only when reality exceeds expectations. This is where I try to talk everyone out of coming to stay with us — MMV is NOTHING like a resort or the Marriott hotel. Think some crazy combination of camping/glamping at a rugged, mountainous, off-grid, remote farm and sustainable community. There may be a compost pile outside your cabin after we weed the the beds around it. Our goats, chickens or dogs may wake you in the morning. There are all kinds of critters here including but not limited to spiders and bears and all in between. We live here and make messes, undertake all kinds of projects including big building projects sometimes. It is NOT polished, not always tidy (although we really try) convenient or even (sometimes) comfortable. You may have to split your own firewood. There is plenty of raw beauty and these forementioned.

Photo: AirBnB

If you’re up for the adventure of staying in this remote treehouse, the process is pretty easy. First, you can book it on AirBnB. Then, you kind of just show up. The treehouse has no key or lock, and even if the host isn’t around, there’s always people around to answer questions.

Think you’re up for a truly wild Northern California adventure? You can learn more about the treehouse or book it here.

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