YIKES! Rattlesnake Seen Swimming in Whiskeytown Lake

With the coming of summer in Northern California, snakes of many species are through hunkering down, making human encounters with these elusive creatures more likely. Hot, dry areas of the wilderness are typically where you’re most likely to encounter a rattlesnake. But you’re probably going to wanna watch out where we’re swimming too…

A snake was photographed swimming in Redding’s Whiskeytown Lake recently, a stark reminder to keep an eye out for all elements on the water. Photos of the snake were circulating on Facebook, with the photographer claiming she saw rattles:

Although many people were quick to try to dismiss this being a rattlesnake, it’s actually not that far fetched. Rattlesnakes can swim quite well and there’s even this crazy video of one trying to climb aboard a boat in Folsom Lake:

There you have it folks. You now have to watch for rattlesnakes on land and water. While this is probably no cause for alarm (I’ve certainly never heard of someone being bit by one on a lake), it’s probably a good idea to remind children not to reach for sticks or play with snakes. Here are some tips for avoiding rattlesnakes.

Happy swimming, NorCal!

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