Yosemite National Park to Remain Closed for At Least Another Week

Yosemite National Park is currently closed with too much snow but firefighters were able to capture this photo.
Photo by Yosemite Fire and Aviation.

Yosemite National Park closed its doors to the public on February 26 as a set of blizzards were headed straight for the Sierra Nevada mountains. Now, with yet another storm on its way to the region this week, the park will remain closed until at least March 12.

Park officials spent the week digging out of the multiple feet of snow that fell on the popular park last week. Now, with yet another storm bringing even more snow to the hefty snowpack, the National Park Service through up their hands and determined March 13th would be the soonest they could reopen the park.

Despite the closure, views of Yosemite covered in snow can be seen on the park’s webcams:

Here is the full statement from Yosemite National Park:

Yosemite National Park will remain closed through Sunday, March 12—possibly longer. Reopening on March 13 is a best-case scenario. Another storm system is forecast at the end of the week that could result in further impacts to the park. Conditions will be evaluated on a daily basis and the park will provide an update early next week. As park crews continue snow removal operations, employee safety remains the top priority. We have received significant snowfall over the last two weeks. National Park Service and partner crews are working hard to move snow, restore power, resupply stores, and perform numerous other tasks.

Some tasks park crews are focused on right now:

-Plowing roads to two full lanes wide.

-Plowing parking lots and pullouts. Most parking lots are still under up to six feet of snow.

-Evaluating snow loading on trees near roads and facilities (which could cause trees to fall in popular areas).

-Locating and digging out hundreds of fire hydrants and propane tanks.

-Damage assessments on park buildings (mostly damage to chimneys and roof vents from snow sliding off roofs).

-Removing snow from rooftops to prevent structure collapse and danger to bystanders from snow sliding off roofs.

-Various other facilities and vehicles need to be dug out, repaired, and/or resupplied.

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