Bears Hilariously Wander Around a Tahoe Golf Course During PGA Tour Tournament

Photo: PGA Tour

If you’re a golf fan, you may have seen videos of golfers coming across alligators in the ponds of Florida golf courses. But if you’re golfing in Tahoe, you may have a completely different and equally terrifying animal to deal with.

The PGA Tour made a stop in Northern California this weekend for professional golfers to compete in the Barracuda Championship, which was held in Truckee for the first time. While the Old Greenwood Golf Course was the perfect spot to host the spectator-free tournament, organizers didn’t take Tahoe’s growing bear population into account while scheduling the event.

Golfers were surprised when big bears were seen nonchalantly walking across the golf course and watching the golf action from the trees. It was a fun surprise for the golf tournament typically full with excited spectators.

What makes things funnier is that the golf course was designed by none other than Jack Nicklaus, known by his nickname the Golden Bear.

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