NorCal Ultrarunner Shatters Tahoe Rim Trail Record

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, boasting 70 miles of beautiful shoreline sitting at 6,225-feet elevation. The only all-encompassing trail around the lake is the Tahoe Rim Trail, consisting of 171-miles of paved trail, dirt trail and steep switchbacks – and a man just ran the entire thing in record time.

On July 18, Tahoe City resident Adam Kimble shattered the previous Tahoe Rim Trail record by completing it in 37 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds. It was his second attempt at the record over the past 10 months and he was able to beat the previous record, set by Spanish ultrarunner Kilian Jornet in 2009, by nearly an hour and a half.

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Tahoe Rim Trail Supported FKT 37h12m

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Although setting the record for the Tahoe Rim Trail is an incredible accomplishment, it’s far from the first ultrarunning feat for Kimble. In 2016, he ran across the entire United States, from Huntington Beach to Tybee Island in Georgia, in 60 days. In 2017, he ran the entire length of Great Britain in record time. Now, he adds the Tahoe Rim Trail to his list of accomplishments.

When Kimble attempted the Tahoe Rim Trail record in October 2019, he finished in 45 hours and 36 minutes due to a number of obstacles during the night hours, including taking a 20-minute power nap. This time around, he stayed motivated by keeping the record pace and running with seven different friends during separate sections of the trail. He celebrated his record by finishing the trail in front of friends and locals:

While Kimble will spend the upcoming time resting from his recent accomplishment, he is already brainstorming his next challenge. He said he’s considering running across America again, or possible setting his sights on the Pacific Crest Trail record.

For now, Kimble can bask in his accomplishment of being the fastest man to run around Lake Tahoe.

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