Bigfoot Captured on his Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Site in Humboldt County

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Bigfoot has finally been discovered and now he’s facing criminal charges after being found at an illegal marijuana site in Humboldt County.

The mystical beast, which has been seen around Northern California for decades, has eluded capture since the rumors of his existence began. Not only has he now been captured, he’s facing criminal charges for illegal marijuana cultivation.

“It turns out Sasquatch has a green thumb,” said a Humboldt Sheriff’s officer who was involved in the bust.

While the state of California is moving to put marijuana growers in compliance with new laws, the one creature who has been able to bank off the laws, and elude authorities, was Bigfoot. Now, he’ll trying to elude boredom in a Humboldt jail cell.

Northern California remains the unofficial home of Bigfoot, with the most sightings to date. The National Forest Service even named a remote stretch of California Route 96 as the “Bigfoot Scenic Highway.” There is also a 360-mile trail in NorCal’s vast upper wilderness named the “Bigfoot Trail,” which stretches through the Yolly-Bolly, Trinity Alps, Russian, Marble Mountain and Siskiyou Wildernesses.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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