Coronavirus, Hiking Feather Falls and Un-Daming NorCal with Chip O’Brien|Talking NorCal Podcast

On this edition of the Talking NorCal Podcast, Zach and Bob discuss the Coronavirus pandemic in Northern California and the best ways to stay out of its way (Hint: Go Outdoors) (2:01). Then they get into the NorCal Notes of the week including earthquakes in Humboldt, migrating whales in Point Reyes, the Worm Supermoon, Mt. Shasta Ski Park’s dwindling snowpack and a 230-pound sturgeon caught on the Sacramento River (8:28). Then, Zach chats with Chip O’Brien about the potential removal of three dams in NorCal, along with a lesson in dams in California (29:33). Finally, Zach and Bob recall their 9-mile hike to Feather Falls in Butte County (46:21).

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