Documentary Explores the History of Skiing on Mount Shasta

The history of Mount Shasta if full of fascinating stories – from wild west shootouts to mountain-climbing horses and mysterious sightings. Of course, the lore of Shasta comes from its other-worldly legends, but the human history of the area is plenty fascinating as well.

Autie Carlisle successfully transitioned into the film industry after working as a fashion designer in New York. Now, she has returned to her Shasta roots to tell the stories of the mountain – with a beautiful look at the people of the region. Through her documentary series Shasta Stories, Carlisle celebrates the humor, humanity and fortitude of the Siskiyou County locals.

In a brand-new episode of Shasta Stories, Carlisle explores the history of skiing on Mount Shasta. From Snowman’s Hill to the Old Ski Bowl and the construction of the Mt. Shasta Ski Park, the past 70 years on the mountain has provided plenty of momentous skiing events, as told directly from the locals who lived through the events.

Watch the new episode of Shasta Stories above or explore Carlisle’s full series here.

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