‘Let’s Go Do Drugs!’ Viral TikTok Shows the Weird Confluence of Outdoor Adventurers and Party Animals in Tahoe


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Lake Tahoe is a very interesting destination. It’s world renown for its beauty and outdoor surroundings. It’s also a playground for party animals.

Sitting on the stateline of Nevada, Californians flock to the Tahoe region to do what’s illegal in California – gamble, drink outside in public, no last call at the bars. While you’re visiting the area, you’re sure to run into numerous bachelor and bachelorette parties, all getting wild with their friends. With the casinos sitting on some of the most beautiful land Northern California has to offer, the combination of outdoor adventurers and party animals is, well weird.

A TikTok went viral of a woman showing her gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe on a hike. After showing the view, she exclaims “okay, let’s go do drugs!” It’s the perfect illustration of the confluence of party animals and outdoorspeople visiting the area. Sometimes, you can be both.

Watch the video above, which has received over a million views this week.

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