4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded in East Bay Area Monday Night

Residents surrounding the Bay Area were surprised by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake around 10:30 pm Monday, sending shockwaves throughout many Northern California communities.

The 4.5 quake was the first of two to hit near Pleasant Hill Monday night, with the second coming in at 2.5 magnitude. The shaking of the first quake was felt in a large area of NorCal, from Sacramento to Santa Rosa and all the way down to San Jose.

The U.S. Geological Survey’s Shake Map shows just how far and wide the shaking was felt:

Videos have emerged of the incessant shaking throughout Bay Area homes:

With smaller earthquakes typically a precursor to a big quake, the shakeups have Bay Area residents hoping that the next big one doesn’t happen soon.

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