Fishing Boat Rescues Man Floating in the San Francisco Bay

For the fellas over at Golden State Sportfishing, they are typically looking at the water of the San Francisco Bay to try to get a read on the fishing for the day. Today, they came across man floating through the turbulent waters.

A video posted to their social media shows them find and rescue a man who was floating right in the middle of the bay, dawning an orange jump suit and life jacket.The fishermen pulled him into the boat and covered him with jackets to warm him up from the dangerously cold water.

Watch the scene unfold:

The man claims to be from Romania and apparently he fell from a cargo ship cruising through the bay. Although he was wearing the right equipment for the water, who knows how long he would have survived the frigid waters if the fishermen didn’t spot him.

The Golden State Sportfishing crew is known as the shark catchers on the San Francisco Bay, as they landed a great white shark earlier this summer. Way to help someone in need, boys!

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