February is Officially the Snowiest Month Ever at Squaw Valley Resort

Photo: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

On February 1st, it began snowing heavily at Squaw Valley Resort near Lake Tahoe. The snow continued to slam the mountain all month long until it reached the history books.

February 2019 is the snowiest month ever at Squaw Valley.

The previous monthlong snowfall record was created in January 2017, where it snowed 282 inches over 31 days. It took just 26 days to snow 286 inches on the mountain this month and is forecast to continuing snowing until the end of the month, adding to the record.

This historic month has added to an overall great snow year on the mountain. 536 inches of snow have fallen this year, surpassing the mountain’s entire yearly average by nearly 4 feet of snow.

With history already in the rearview mirror, the mountain will now look to add to its already stellar snow totals. The future forecast shows snowfall that just doesn’t want to quit:

With this amount of snow, we can expect to see the mountain stay open until well into the summer months.

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