First Significant Rainstorm of the Year Descending onto Northern California

Although the official end of summer comes on September 23, it seems no one sent Mother Nature the memo. A significant rainstorm is set to hit Northern California Sunday night, bringing with it up to an inch of rain in parts of the North State through Monday.

The National Weather Service is calling for the most significant precipitation to hit just west of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with Grass Valley forecast to receive up to an inch of rain over 24 hours. Eureka, Redding, Chico and South Lake Tahoe could see up to a half inch of rain, while Sacramento could see up to a quarter inch.

As with any first rain of the water season, driving will become much more dangerous once water hits the ground. Officials are asking the public to take precaution while driving in the rain and expect longer commutes.

If you’re not excited about the rain, you might enjoy the cooler temperatures we’ll see during the storm. We are expected to experience a 20-25 degree cool down on Monday, with the rest of the week in the high 70’s to low 80’s during the day.

Does this mean it’s officially fall in NorCal?

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