Highway 50 Opens Over the Sierra Creating an Absolute Traffic Nightmare

Travel over the Sierra has been nearly impossible this week as 10 feet of snow fell on the passes above Lake Tahoe. While Interstate 80 remains closed over Donner Pass, U.S. Route 50 opened into South Lake Tahoe Tuesday, causing an absolute traffic nightmare.

The highways across the Sierra are the only way in and out of Lake Tahoe, along with providing crucial passages to Nevada. Many people waited anxiously to use the snowy roadways after the holidays and the opening of U.S. 50 proves just how many people have been waiting to travel.

Reports from eastbound and westbound 50 show hours and hours and hours of wait times. Cars have been stop and go all day long, not only in South Lake Tahoe hoping to head west, but also all the way down to Placerville from chain controls in Pollock Pines. Officials are remind the public that chains or 4WD are required to make the drive. There is still no timetable for the opening of I-80.

Photos and videos online show just how bad the traffic has been over 50 today:

From our guesstimate, the highway looks to be stop and go traffic in heavy snow for 60 miles. Travel safe.

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