National Parks NFTs Give Outdoor Enthusiasts Social Club Membership announced the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for outdoor enthusiasts passionate about national parks in the United States.

The collection of 4,625 NFTs gives holders access to workshops and outdoor gear for hiking, climbing, photography or families that love annual park road trips.

Mick Gow, founder of National Parks NFTs believes that NFTs are ready to mature beyond just artwork. “Our NFTs are the key to real-world utility – a club for earth’s most passionate outdoor enthusiasts,” Gow said. “While every NFT is a stunning piece of art from the 63 national parks, it’s their record on the blockchain that gets each member access to the club, and unlike an image, that can’t be copied.”

Where the artwork comes into play, is each NFT has a set of unique traits that holds the key to a type of gamification. Different traits give you access to different membership perks. Hundreds of these types of combinations via traits mix-and-match members with benefits.

“One example is that we may partner with a company that offers discounted hiking boots, but to be eligible, you must hold an NFT that has a hiking trail in the artwork” Gow explained.

The project has launched on social media including Twitter, Instagram and early adopters are gathering in the Discord platform. The final minting day where people can purchase NFTs is set for late January.

The project roadmap shares a vision that includes future NFT drops for tour guides to be able to service the club members, mobile apps that bring augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, and even Pokemon Go style games members can play to find objects located across parks.

The project also mentions interesting fundraising efforts to donate back to the parks, and partnering with carbon offset projects in the NFT space.

The project website is where you can learn more and access their social media pages to track progress of the projects and the community is forming on their Discord group also available at the website.

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