Lake Tahoe has Risen a Foot this Month with 40 Billion Gallons of New Water

Flickr/Reno Tahoe

The historic snowfall and prevalent rains of February 2019 in Northern California has transformed the landscape following a previous year of drought. With new rain comes changes in water storage, and Lake Tahoe has seen a dramatic increase over the past month.

With 40 billion gallons of new water in Lake Tahoe, the lake’s water levels have risen a foot over the month of February. The lake currently sits at 6,228 feet, which is three feet above full pool and just a foot away from flood pool.

The new water has significantly dropped the drought concerns in an area that has been dealing with droughts for six years.

Drought monitor – February 19, 2019

After years of water issues in California, the historic storms of February can put us at ease going forward. Of course, each year and season tell their own unique story, but this season in this year is pretty darn good.

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