Winter in May? Storm to Bring a Foot of Snow to the NorCal Mountains this Week

Just when you thought it was over, the winter of 2019 is coming back with a vengeance.

A big storm is set to hit Northern California this week, with a 3-day forecast of significant precipitation throughout most communities. With colder temperatures expected in the Sierra Nevada on Wednesday and Thursday, the mountains are forecast to see over a foot of snow during the week.

Although NorCal saw a historic winter in 2019, this will be the first major storm since early April. Most ski resorts are closed for the summer season, but for those left open (Squaw Valley, Heavenly), we could see some rare powder runs in May.

Meanwhile, the lower elevations of NorCal are expected to get pounded with rain from Wednesday through Friday. The communities of Redding, Eureka, Weaverville, Grass Valley and Yosemite could all see up to 2 inches of rain over the 72-hour span.

Although some tributaries may rise during the storms, flooding is not expected to be a concern this week. With that said, waters may rise significantly when another storm hits NorCal later this weekend and into next week.

So much for spring weather! On the bright side, this will continue to increase our water storage and help soak the land as we gear up for fire season. Needless to say, our reservoirs are going to be filled to the brim in the coming weeks!

You can also continue to enjoy the historic winter a Squaw Valley Resort, which closes in July:

Active NorCal

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