Massive Mothership Lenticular Cloud Appears Over Mount Shasta

There are plenty of legends surrounding the mighty Mount Shasta, including the theory that aliens use it as an underground port for their spaceships. It’s unclear where this legend started, but it’s not difficult to see why people might believe that.

Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds that hover over a point for long periods of time and typically come in the appearance of a saucer. These clouds are quite frequent over Shasta and their shape of what appears to be an alien spaceship is uncanny. This has to be where the legends began.

Last week, one of these spaceship clouds appeared over the mountain, providing onlookers one of the best shows of nature you’ll ever see. The cloud moved over the mountain and stayed stationary for a while, seemingly for the aliens to unpack their bags.

As with any lenticular cloud show, nearby photographers were at the ready with their cameras. Here are some photos/videos from the spaceship cloud show.

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