NorCal Mountain Biking Trail Rated One of the Most Popular in the U.S.

Photo: Yuba Expeditions

Singletracks, a popular mountain biking website, recently named the most popular mountain biking trails in the U.S. and Northern California’s remote trail in Downieville made the list.

The Downieville Downhill, a 17-mile trail that traverses down 5,000 feet in the remote wilderness just south of the Plumas National Forest ranked as the most popular trail in California. Here is an entire map of the list, which is ranked by state:

The designation is no surprise, as the popular mountain biking website currently has the trail ranked as its 23rd best trail in the country. All of the rankings are driven by readers and riders, who note the popularity and rankings of each trail by local riders.

Not only is the trail absolutely epic, it’s easy to make the trip. You can park your car at the bottom and book a shuttle to the top with Yuba Expeditions.

Here is the description of the Downieville Downhill from Singletracks:

17 MILES OF DOWNHILL AND 5000 VERT. DROP!!! Its been profiled in three or four mountain biking magazines. Singletrack for 85% of ride. steep technical on top with creek crossings, faster high speed on lower area called 2nd divide, waterfalls, swimming holes, long suspension style bridges, and getting rockier each year, go soon! MTB magazines said possibly the best singletrack in the West!

To give you an idea of the epic trail, here is a full video of a run down the entire Downieville Downhill, which took over an hour:

Happy riding!

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