Officials Warn Against Visiting Phantom Falls Right Now

Photo courtesy of CDFW’s George Gilmore

After a string of atmospheric rivers drenched Northern California in the months of December and January, Phantom Falls came alive near Oroville in one of the highest flows we’ve seen in years. With photos going viral showing the beautiful waterfalls in the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, officials are warning the public of the dangers of visiting the area.

Viral photos and videos are showing the waterfalls of area in a beautiful flow right now:

Despite the regions undoubted beauty right now, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released a statement warning potential visitors of why they shouldn’t visit Phantom Falls.

“CDFW wants to remind any potential visitors to the area that the presence of those beautiful waterfalls – particularly dramatic right now given all the recent rainfall – also means that the entire area is very wet. Hiking there can be dangerous given the muddy, slippery conditions and the many steep cliffs and drop-offs. The area is rugged with few amenities and no formal, maintained trail system. Cell service is inconsistent at best.”

We’ve written about the difficulties of hiking to Phantom Falls in the past. There’s no singular trail to the waterfall, and it’s easy to get lost and confused along the way. The area can get wet and slippery on the rock faces of the cliffs, making it dangerous even in the driest conditions. And getting close to the waterfall is tempting, but a very dangerous journey even in the best conditions.

Heed the warning of the CDFW carefully and no the risks and dangers going to Phantom Falls. Want to learn more about the waterfall? You can read about it here. You can also watch our journey to the area in the springtime:

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