Is This Video Evidence of an Alien UFO Over Mount Shasta? You Be the Judge.

The mysteries of Mount Shasta have been heavily documented on this website. Our admitted obsession with the iconic mountain and its paranormal legends has been a huge part of our content for the past six years. So when we see a video like this, we have to share it with our audience.

We recently came across a video on YouTube showing an object looking like it’s flying into Mount Shasta. Check it out:

To be fair, this could be a lot of things. To me, it kind of looks like a bird – but maybe that’s what the aliens want me to think.

When you’re in an area famed for its alien sightings and paranormal activity, everything you see in the air could make you do a double take. Was this proof of aliens living in Mount Shasta? Let us know in the comments.

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