Snow Has Arrived in Redding. How Much Will Fall Tonight?

Snow in downtown Redding. Photo by Joshua Mangahis

Snowmageddon 2021 has arrived in Northern California with significant snowfall hitting the valley floor of Redding. The snow is currently coming down hard and will continue through the night. This begs the question – will we see historic snowfall in Redding tonight?

Intense precipitation is forecast with temperatures below freezing throughout the night. The most snowfall to hit Redding in recent history is 20 inches in 1968. Is it possible to beat that? Or maybe the snowfall will beat the 14 inch mark reached on February 12, 2019?

However much snow falls tonight, it’s clear that we’re in the midst of a rare snowstorm in NorCal. Here are some of the best photos/videos as of Tuesday night in Redding:

It’s going to be a snow day for the ages tomorrow in Redding. Sleep tight, NorCal.

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