Videos Show Intense Whiteout Conditions with 60+ MPH Winds Near Mount Shasta

With the intense winter storm arriving in Northern California, much of the forecast has targeted the Tahoe mountains and Eastern Sierra as the main recipient of the snowfall. At the end of the storm, those areas might well receive the most snow, but on Tuesday, Mount Shasta saw the most intense weather in NorCal.

A group of weather chasers from the state of Washington posted photos and videos of the storm arriving in Siskiyou County today and they show intense winds and snowfall. Mostly shot in Weed, the videos show winds over 50 mph and snow falling hard on the area.

See the Snowmageddon near Mount Shasta on Tuesday, January 26:

The town of Mount Shasta is expected to see up to 4 feet of snow through Friday. It’s safe to say that storm has started. Stay safe, NorCal.

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