Survey Team Concludes it was a Tornado that Touched Down in Davis

On Saturday, September 28th, a Northern California community was taken by storm by the emergence of a “tornado” near Davis. The photos and videos of the weather phenomenon terrified residents and subsequently went viral:

As with anything that goes viral, the commenters came out in droves questioning whether it was an actual tornado or simply a big dust bowl.

“It’s a large dust devil it was a slow news day. Made me laugh when I saw it on the news,” wrote one skeptic.

“Tornados originate from a cloud. This started from the ground… Thus making it a dust devil,” wrote another.

But the question of whether it was an actual tornado has finally been answered when the National Weather Service informed the public that a survey team investigated the incident and confirmed it was a EF-0 tornado.

For anyone who read our initial article on the event, this is no surprise. When it occurred, UCLA Climate Scientist Daniel Swain predicted that it was actually more than just a landspout:

There you have it! We were all witnesses to a decent-sized tornado in NorCal! Since so many people in NorCal have tornadoes on the mind, the National Weather Service decided to issue some stats for California:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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