Lassen National Park Highway Closed Due to Snowy Conditions

Lassen Volcanic National Park received a rare snowstorm this past weekend, resulting in multiple inches of snow accumulation throughout the park. With driving conditions becoming dangerous, park officials have decided to close the Lassen National Park Highway until it becomes safe for thru traffic.

Park entrances remain open at the park and any trails within that vicinity can still be accessed by visitors, but destinations in the middle of the park will be difficult to get to.

“Hiking trails located at park entrances are covered with a light layer of snow,” the park said in a statement. “Be sure to dress warm and wear waterproof boots.”

The park’s webcams show a scene straight out of the midst of winter, with Lassen Peak covered in snow and the highway looking somewhat dangerous:

For those of you willing to face the elements, you could see some remote adventures in the park this week. But with the storm tapering off this afternoon, the highway may not be closed very long.

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