Tahoe Avalanche Documentary Sits Atop Streaming Charts

The film that dives deep into the deadly 1982 Alpine Meadows avalanche is currently sitting atop the streaming charts as the top downloaded documentary.

Buried tells the harrowing story of the avalanche, including exclusive interviews with people who experienced the event. The film, created by filmmakers Jared Drake & Steven Siig, was released on streaming on demand this week and has made an impression on the people who have watched it, quickly becoming one of the top films on Amazon and Apple TV.

We are currently the #1 documentary and #1 independent film on iTunes!!!” the filmmakers wrote on Instagram. “We are also #13 of all movies on iTunes, sandwiched between Minions and Jurassic World. The feedback these last few days has been overwhelming. Thank you for giving this story your attention.”

The film investigates the 1982 avalanche that hit Alpine Meadows, burying the main lodge and parking lot in 20 feet of snow and killing 7 people. The film interviews many of the main people involved in the incident, including the Alpine Meadows avalanche forecaster, along with other workers caught in the devastating natural disaster.

“Essential viewing for skiers, but all audiences – skiers and non-skiers alike – will find Buried a riveting account of a natural disaster, not only in the details of the avalanche itself and subsequent rescue efforts, but on how the disaster affected people in the years following and became a dividing line in time for the survivors and their community,” said Ed Arentz, Greenwich co-president.

The film has already received plenty of accolades, winning the audience choice award at Telluride’s Mountainfilm, the jury award at the Austin Film Festival and best documentary at the Bend Film Festival. It has also been selected to play at film festivals in Banff, Whistler, Boulder, Lake Placid and Newport Beach.

I was lucky enough to gain a sneak peek of the film and I can tell you, it’s one heck of a ride. Even if you know the story in detail (like I did), the film brought out emotions I wasn’t expecting. Trust me, whether you’re a skier or not, you’ll be on the edge of your seat during this gripping documentary.

Earlier this year, I welcomed Drake and Siig on the Talking NorCal Podcast to discuss the film. Here is our interview:

Active NorCal

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