That’s Odd: Skier Rides 40-Foot Wave at Mavericks

It’s January in Northern California, meaning it’s the perfect time for skiers to load up their gear and head to the…. ocean?

The incredible week at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay has given big-wave surfers the ride of a lifetime. It’s also given one adventure seeker the opportunity to showcase his rare talent – skiing big waves.

Southern California native Chuck Patterson amazed onlookers this week by using his custom water skis to ride 40-foot waves at Mavericks. Typically, no other sports are allowed on these exclusive waves (that means you, boogie boarders), but Patterson was able to earn the respect of his fellow surfers as he road the dangerous waves on his unique set up.

Known as a skier and big-wave surfer, Patterson had the idea to combine his passions to create a new sport – big-wave skiing. He has been perfecting his new hobby in SoCal and was able to test it out on the biggest waves on the planet – Mavericks.

“It’s kind of a cool thing to blend the two — a little spicy obviously,” Patterson said to Fox 5 San Diego. “Nowadays, being ordinary is a little too ordinary.”

His custom set up includes skis that are about 5-feet long and wider than normal, allowing him some leeway on the famously choppy NorCal waves. It’s also very difficult to maneuver in the water with heavy boots on. After being pulled into the massive waves, he carves up the water like he’s on the snowy slopes. It’s quite a sight to behold.

Here’s to Patterson – willing to defy the norms of the surfing world to create a new – and definitely terrifying – sport. Send it!

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