The 141-Year-Old All-Time Rain Record was Just Shattered in Sacramento

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker

The atmospheric river that has drenched Northern California over the past two days is becoming historic. The torrential rain has caused flooding, landslides and singlehandedly ended fire season. It also broke a 141-year-old rain record in Sacramento.

On Sunday, it rained 5.44 inches in downtown Sacramento, the most ever seen in a 24 hour period. The previous record was 5.28 inches set on April 20, 1880.

A record was also broken in Blue Canyon, where a whopping 10.4 inches of rain was seen over 24 hours:

This storm is what we like to call a drought buster. The rainfall was so heavy, it has already brought the region a hefty percentage of the rain seen through the entire 2020-21 water year. At the Sacramento Executive Airport, more than 80 percent of last water year’s entire rain total was seen. That number was 20 percent Redding and 50 percent in Oroville.

The storm has caused plenty of issues throughout NorCal. On Sunday morning, a massive landslide fell on Highway 70 in Butte County, closing the road indefinitely. The Bay Area has seen widespread flooding throughout the region and the wind was so intense, it push over a semi truck on the Richmond Bridge:

What an incredible storm!

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