The Bizarre Stories of Paranormal Encounters in Lassen Volcanic National Park

We all know Lassen Volcanic National Park as the beautiful outdoor destination in Northern California free from crowds and full of hydrothermal activity. For others, it’s a hotbed of bizarre, paranormal activity,with sightings and abductions dating all the way back to the 1970’s.

That was the topic on the season 2 finale of Travel Channel’s TV show called Mysteries of the Outdoors. In the show, they go through the different stories of unearthly encounters in the park, including reptilian humanoids, UFO abductions and underground societies. You can watch the entire episode here.

Here are some of the stories from the show.

Reptoid Encounters

It was just a regular hike for Sol Vasquez and his friend in Lassen in the summer of 2015. According to Vasquez, he began hearing loud noises on the trail that he couldn’t attribute to an animal and that his hiking companion couldn’t hear. The noises were so loud they brought him to his knees. It was something he never heard before.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a reptilian humanoid appears to Vasquez on the Lassen trail, with his hiking partner once again seeing or hearing nothing. Vasquez began running on the trail from the creature, with his friend chasing him in a confused state. The creature was never seen again, but the experience was so shocking for Vasquez that he told it on the show.

“I think Lassen Volcanic Park is malicious, like it has a will of its own,” said Vasquez. “It’s beautiful, it’s nature, but it has its own agenda.”

A reptoid is known as a half human, half reptile creature that walks on two feet and stands 6 to 8 feet tall. There are many theories and legends surrounding reptoids, including that they are part of a highly-intelligent lost society. In fact, some believe that the Lemurians of Mount Shasta are, in fact, reptoids.

And for some paranormal enthusiasts, Lassen’s volcanic activity provide the perfect underground environment for these creatures.

UFO Sightings

One December night in 1976, Clint and Jane Chapman were in their mobile home near Lassen when they began hearing a bizarre sound outside. As they went to investigate, a UFO appeared over them as they stared on helplessly. Then, the craft just disappeared. According to the Chapman’s, this type of UFO activity occurred outside their mobile for years.

Paranormal investigators believe Lassen is a hotbed for UFO activity due to its volcanic activity. Much like Mount Shasta, UFO enthusiasts believe the volcano is a perfect parking structure for unearthly crafts.

Fed up with their unearthly visitors, The Chapmans concocted a plan to stick dynamite in the UFO’s typical landing spot to blow it up. They never saw the craft again.

Underground Societies

In 1946, two friends were exploring the park when they discovered a large cave. As they descended into the cave with their flashlights, they began to notice the floor smoothing out, an odd occurrence in nature. Suddenly, three men appeared out of the darkness, illuminated by the light of their flashlights.

The three men seem determined to stop the hikers from going further into the cave, blocking access by standing in the way of the men. That’s when one of the men spoke.

“Are you surface people?” inquired one of the odd men. The three men then continued to escort the hikers to the mouth of the cave and told them to never come back.

This story was told in the December 1946 issue of Amazing Stories magazine, outlining the bizarre encounter with the underground men in detail. Some believe this is an underground society, with reptoids taking human shape to keep the men out of their area. Others believe the cave may have been harboring secret military activity within the park.

Alien Abductions

In the spring of 1990, a 31-year-old San Francisco woman was hiking through the park when a disturbing memory dropped her to her knees. The hike through Lassen brought back a vivid memory of her time visiting the park as a child.

She remembered being abducted by a UFO as a child, where was brought aboard the craft as aliens performed experiments on her. During the painful experiments aboard the ship, the woman claims that the aliens uploaded information into her mind, including visions of her future. The incident was so traumatizing, the woman has since reached out to numerous UFO enthusiasts looking for answers. One hike through Lassen brought the traumatizing memory back into her mind.

According to paranormal enthusiasts, all of these stories could be connected, with aliens and reptoids using the volcanic activity in the park to shelter their secret plans to take over human society. To others, it’s all hogwash. We’ll let you decide.

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