The Dixie Fire is Now Fully Contained

During the historic fire season of 2021 in Northern California, the Dixie Fire was the biggest and most destructive blaze. Over the course of three months, the fire burned 963,309 acres over five counties, destroying 1,329 structures and claiming one life.

Now, after a long and arduous battle, the rain and snow that fell on the area pushed containment on the Dixie Fire to 100 percent.

The Dixie Fire started on July 13, 2021 and began moving through Plumas and Butte counties. Over the three-month stretch that saw unprecedented dry and windy conditions, the flames continued to grow, threatening town after town and forcing thousands to evacuate for weeks on end. It became the second largest fire to ever burn in California.

The fire burned through the town of Greenville, completely decimating the community. I also burned many homes around Lake Almanor and blazed approximately 60 percent of Lassen Volcanic National Park. It left much of the area many NorCal locals hold dear as a charred disaster.

Crews will continue to clean up the area scorched by the fire, including felling damaged trees and clearing any toxic char from the forest. There’s still much work to be done to rebuild the destroyed homes and repair the damaged areas of Lassen Volcanic National Park. But for now, the Dixie Fire burns no more.

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