The Wildflower Bloom has Exploded in Oroville’s North Table Mountain

There are a few magnificent destinations to see wildflower blooms in Northern California. The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve in Oroville might be the best and in 2022, the wildflowers look more beautiful than ever.

The area is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Butte County during the spring, both for its flowers and for the 164-feet waterfall Phantom Falls. The month of April proves to be one of the most popular to visit the area for a good reason – the bloom is epic! This year, due to the shortened winter in NorCal, the bloom is already bright in the unique outdoor area.

With the waterfall flowing and the flowers bright and beautiful, crowds are sure to come aplenty. Reports have shown the small parking lot fills up quickly, so it’s recommended to start your day early. Once you enter the area known for its lush fields and roaming cows, there isn’t much of a trail. Follow the crowd and look for the signs to explore the area, with most people ending their hike at Phantom Falls.

With a dry winter in Northern California, the wildflower bloom has arrived early in Table Mountain. See the best photos of the area so far in 2022:

Want to see what it’s like to hike the area? Here’s our experience at the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve in 2020:

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