Three 18-Year-Old Hikers Rescued After Night Lost on Mount Shasta

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The frozen slopes of Mt. Shasta. Photo by Sean Martin.

Three “very lucky hikers” were rescued from Mount Shasta on Sunday after they had spent the night lost on the mountain.

The 18-year-old hikers summited the mountain around 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon and began their descent down the mountain. After they realized they would not be able to make it back to the parking lot before dark, they Googled a quicker way to get down. During their rush down the mountain to beat the sun, one of the hikers was separated from the group.

“As they embarked on the new route, two of the hikers became separated from the third,” said the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office in a press release. “It was now dark and the two hikers traveling together called 9-1-1. Search and Rescue was immediately notified and mobilized. SAR hikers were sent from the Clear Creek Trailhead in the dark, however were not able to locate the lost hikers.”

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Photo: Northern Division Air Ops

The hikers, which were from out of the area and one had summited the mountain wearing just a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoe, spent a cold night on the mountain waiting for the rescue team to arrive.

Around 8:30 am on Sunday morning, a larger rescue mission commenced and they were able to locate the two hikers at 10 am on the Clear Creek Trailhead area. The third hiker was located around 11 am where he was then transported to Mercy Mt Shasta hospital for precautions.

“We would like to remind everyone that you should make a plan in advance for any wilderness excursions,” said the Sheriff’s Office. “Dress accordingly, safely and always bring food and water. Make a plan for your route, emergency contingency, and always notify a friend or family member of your plan.”

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