Tornado-Like Storm Brings Crazy Clouds, Golf Ball-Sized Hail to NorCal

What a Friday night in NorCal!

We all knew a storm was heading our direction for Memorial Day Weekend, but it was very surprising to see the National Weather Service announcing a Severe Thunderstorm Warning at 7:49 pm:

While the smart took shelter from the rare-May storm, some brave photographers headed outside to see the golf ball-sized hail and insane cloud cell that looked more like Mordor than NorCal.

The size of the hail was absolutely shocking:

But it was the incredible clouds of the low-precipitation supercell thunderstorm that put onlookers in awe. Here are some of the best photos and videos of the storm:

While the storm has settled and moved through the area, more precipitation is expected throughout the 3-day weekend. Stay dry, NorCal!

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