GIANT 48-Inch Striped Bass Caught on the Sacramento River

Photo: Kimberly Mosey

There have been a lot of big catches on Northern California waterways this month. On May 8th, a massive 30-pound striper was caught on the Feather River. Then on May 9th, a record-breaking 33-pound catfish was caught on Clear Lake.

Now, on May 14th, a 48-inch striper was caught on the Sacramento River.

Kimberly Mosey was fishing on the Sacramento River near the town of Meridian when she received the catch of a lifetime. After a strenuous fight with the massive fish, she was able to land it ashore.

Photo: Kimberly Mosey

“The fight lasted about 20 mins,” said Mosey. “It was the best fight of my life!”

The giant fish was caught on the second cast of the day using a white swim bait. After Mosey and her boyfriend posed for photos with their once-in-a-lifetime catch, they safely released it back into the river.

Photo: Kimberly Mosey

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a scale to weigh the fish, but with the length and bulky size of the beast, we have to assume it weighed in around 35 pounds.

Great catch, Kimberly!

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