Two NorCal Destinations Make Forbes List of ‘Best Places to Visit in 2020’

Forbes has released it’s list of the 25 Best Places To Visit In 2020 and Northern California got a lot of love. Other than Los Angeles, the two NorCal destinations featured were the only places picked on the West Coast, and to be honest, they were spot on.

The first NorCal place on the list is Redding and the Shasta Cascades, which the article calls “as under-the-radar as it gets in the lower 48.” Here is what the article said about Shasta Cascade area:

Where: Redding and the Shasta Cascades, California 

Chosen by: Melissa Klurman is a travel expert, writer and editor and contributor at Reader’s Digest, Frommer’s Travel Guides and Parents, among other publications.

Why: Beautiful and remote, the Northern California city of Redding and the Shasta Cascade region are about as under-the-radar as it gets in the lower 48. Considered to be a hidden gem in the west, it’s often referred to as “California’s Last Frontier,” and it’s also one of the best bargains anywhere in the United States. The region is scattered with 50 waterfalls, dozens of lakes, rivers, mountains, historic mining towns, two national monuments, six national forests, seven state parks and even active volcanoes—most of which are free or very inexpensive, so you’ll never break the vacation bank. For example, snowshoeing at Lassen Volcanic National Park costs just $1 per person. Plus, hotels, including the iconic Thunderbird Motel, rarely go above $100, making this a bargain vacation you’ll want to return to in every season in 2020.

The other NorCal destination featured in the article is (no surprise here) Lake Tahoe, which the article called “a crystal clear, alpine paradise hidden in the Sierra Nevada mountains.” Here’s the full description from Forbes:

Where: Lake Tahoe, California

Chosen By: At the age of 21, Lexie Alford became the youngest person to travel to every country on earth and broke the Guinness World Record. Follow her on Instagram (@LexieLimitless) and read more about her accomplishment here.

Why: When people imagine traveling to California, they most often visualize driving down the PCH in a convertible mustang and encountering celebrities below the Hollywood sign. As a native to one of the most visited states in the US, I can say from experience that travelers who only visit Southern California are missing out on the best part. A few hundred miles north lies Lake Tahoe, a crystal clear, alpine paradise hidden in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, Lake Tahoe is best known for its eight top-rated ski resorts and laid-back mountain culture. A powder day in Lake Tahoe wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the après ski nightlife by the fire pit with a locally brewed craft beer.

Although Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland, this place offers something for everyone all year-round, especially if you are a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast. From lakeside casinos and luxury resorts to golfing, camping and fishing during the summer months. You can even take a cruise around the 22 mile-long lake to get the most panoramic view of the snowy peaks. I also can’t forget to mention the countless hiking and biking trails surrounding the lake that are available to the whole family. If escaping from the city is in your 2020 travel plans, look no further than Lake Tahoe.

What a ringing endorsement for Northern California! Although we could recommend a few more great NorCal spots for the Forbes readers, you can’t disagree with these two areas making the list. Happy traveling in 2020!

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  1. Lived in both. Not sure what the appeal of Redding is? Probably the proximity to all the wonderful things to do and see in Nor Cal. Redding, not so much. Tahoe is fabulous. Undeniably one of America’s treasures.

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