UFO Over Lake Tahoe – Proof of Aliens or Elaborate Hoax?

A new video at Lake Tahoe went viral worldwide as UFO experts attempt to dissect if it shows proof of alien life.

According to reports, a group was on vacation in Tahoe when they went on a boat tour of the lake. The video was shot during the tour and the “UFO” was only noticed upon later review. The video had to be slowed down considerably to see the object.

UFO Sightings Daily says on its website: “Here is the most detailed UFO I have seen all week. This is a classic flying saucer, a beautiful metallic disk with a raised upper dome area. This is 100 percent proof that aliens are monitoring human up close and personal.”

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Here is the video:

Of course, the video was also lambasted as fake across the interwebs. YouTube user J Cole Knight wrote on a video: “This is so OBVIOUSLY A FAKE. Why would someone waste the time of real UFO investigations with this one that is so so fake. It looks like a cartoon, tiny tiny ship that is not in the right field range.”

Of course, your opinion probably rests on whether you believe in UFOs. What do you think – real or fake?

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