WATCH: Cliff Jumpers Tandem Jump Off a GUSHING McCloud Falls

It’s waterfall season in Northern California which means cliff jumpers are ready to display their daredevil antics to the public. We’ve recently seen images of Middle McCloud Falls absolutely gushing and it’s even cooler to watch when cliff jumpers huck flips over the waterfall and into the water.

Cliff jumpers Brandon Beck and Robert Wall made a visit to the famous waterfall recently to show what it’s like to jump into the white waters of the McCloud River from 75-feet above. Check out the videos they posted to Instagram:

Ouch! That flop looked excruciating! Each jumper also posted to their Instagram stories which can be seen if you search for them in the Instagram app.

Of course, this isn’t the first time they’ve done a jump with this much water at McCloud Falls. They were featured on the Travel Channel for a similar jump in 2017:

Well done, boys! Keep up the cliff jumping mania!

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