WATCH: Drunk Hotel Guest Nearly Bumps Into Bear in South Lake Tahoe

There you have it folks – this is what you get when you mix casinos and 24-hour bars with the vast wilderness of Tahoe.

The above video shows a bear rummaging through a garbage can in South Lake Tahoe when a drunk hotel guest walks past without even knowing it. The funny part? It wasn’t the hotel guest who flipped out. That poor bear ran for the hills! Here’s a description of what happened from the person who shot the video:

“I manage a Ski Lodge (Hotel) in South Lake Tahoe on the Stateline between California and Nevada. After midnight, I was filming a big brown bear digging through our garbage, and our intoxicated guest walked right next to it.”

This is just a quick glimpse into the rare world that is Lake Tahoe. Drunk city slickers roaming around the world of bears – he’s just lucky these bears aren’t aggressive around humans. Want to see more encounters like this? Watch 10 Shocking Moments of Bears Caught-on-Camera in Tahoe.

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